If you completed FiCEP and earned your Financial Counselor certification 3 years ago, it’s time for you to be renew by passing a single re-certification exam which is designed to keep your skills sharp and your counseling  knowledge up-to-date.
No matter what date you became certified in 2016, you have the entire rest of the 2019 calendar year to re-certify.

This year marked the first year that LCUL produced our own NEW interactive and engaging webinars along with study guides for students taking the course for the first time (these replaced the old webinars produced by the NCUF).  With the new enhanced materials, we witnessed a much improved student comprehension rate with higher scores than ever before. Because of its success, we are thrilled to produce a similar product to accompany the book for our recertification students!

Your FiCEP re-certification with LCUL includes:
  • The printed book published by CUNA
  • An interactive, engaging webinar that summarizes and reinforces the most important information
  • A fill-in-the blank study guide and answer key to strengthen the learning process. 
  • Your online exam proctored by an LCUL staff member.
LCUL will have your book shipped directly to you and you will be notified when the webinar is available for viewing. Testing arrangements for the 40 question multiple choice exam will be communicated via email to all students in mid-June.  

Your educational investment is $300 per person & registration will be open until May 24th. 


Registration to recertify through LCUL in 2019 has now closed. Please contact ficep@lcul.com to inquire about late registration options.

Note – if you prefer, you can order the printed book directly from CUNA but it will not include LCUL’s webinar or study guide supplement.