ULend Academy (Virtual)


Published: Dec 1, 2021

Event date: 2/8/2022 10:00 AM - 2/10/2022 1:00 PM Export event

ULEND Academy is a lending GAME CHANGER.  No more wasted hours in classes with great ideas that are hard to implement in real life!  ULEND Academy is a hands-on, customized experience that propels lenders from transactional to consultative, meeting members' full financial needs.  

The curriculum guides lenders from foundational to advanced skill levels in all lending communication channels and across all stages of the loan process - origination, underwriting, and closing - with cross-selling, consultation, and compliance woven throughout.

ULEND Academy is set up as virtual learning workshop within three daily sessions where participants will discuss, learn, and then apply. This occurs within manageable sessions, so application can happen immediately. ULEND Academy graduates will return to work knowing how to use the skills and concepts learned in their daily interactions with members.  Are you ready to empower your lenders to create and keep loyal members through an EXCEPTIONAL MEMBER INTERACTION?

Who Should Attend?
EVERY lender (including Call Center!) from new to seasoned, underwriters, and leaders! ULEND Academy is a unique lending experience aimed at helping all lenders, from all levels and various experiences get better at what they do every day.

Day 1 – Tuesday 11am-2pm Eastern (10 am – 1:00 pm Central)
Social Savvy
  • Recognize personal style and how it is perceived by other
  • Identify other styles and comfortably interact with members
  • Deliver targeted communications for the appropriate medium and context
Plan and Prep
  • Utilize the information from your core system
  • Identify what to look for to analyze the needs of your member 
  • How to prepare when there is no time to plan


  • Uncover member needs with targeted questioning strategies
  • Identify the life stages & goals of your members
Day 2 - Wednesday 11am-2pm Eastern (10 am – 1:00 pm Central)
Credit Report
  • Understand what factors into a score's calculation and to recognize trends
  • Review the credit report and positively influence the member's score
Structure the Loan
  • Calculate & effectively use basic ratios that apply in lending
  • Use compensating factors to build a loan package to mitigate risk
  • Recognize opportunities to take smart risks
  • Utilize the 5 Cs of Credit when analyzing the loan application
  • Formulate alternatives that positively impact loan decisions
Day 3 – Thursday 11am-2pm  (10 am – 1:00 pm Central)

Present Solution and Close with Purpose

  • Connect products and services to Members' needs and life stages
  • Personalize the closing experience, making appropriate referrals
  • Set expectations to connect with the Member on future opportunities
Hands-on Application
  • Apply the just-learned skills immediately during an additional hands-on learning interaction
  • Receive immediate feedback from real-time coaching
  • Discuss how each step of the member experience applies across the various lending channels
Educational Investment: $449 per participant

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