Leadership Lessons from a Survivor: Lead Your Tribe in 2021


Published: Dec 8, 2020

Event date: 1/26/2021 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Export event

2020 is now firmly in our rear view mirror and despite all the challenges it threw at us we SURVIVED it. It’s now time to re-focus and lead our industry through 2021 and beyond.

Holly Hoffman, was the last remaining member of her tribe as well as last woman standing on season 21 of SURVIVOR NICARAGUA. Her experience on the show taught her a thing or two about surviving in harsh conditions, outthinking opponents, and being an effective leader of the tribe.

In this 75 minute session, certified speaking professional Holly Hoffman will weave in tales, experiences and lessons learned from Survivor to showcase that the simplicity of Leadership can summarized in a framework of 3 easy steps:

  • Model
  • Connect
  • Involve

True leadership is not just words, it is action. We must model the behavior we want to see, connect with the people you lead and involve them as much as possible.

Holly will help you identify and discover what you want to see more and less of in your leadership skills to create that special team of people because as they saying goes, “great leaders don’t tell you what to do they show you how it’s done.”

Session Date and Time: January 26 at 9 am CST (75 minute session)

Educational Investment $50 per registrant*

*Note: This session will be provided free of charge to current LCUL committee members who serve on the following committees: CULAC, Foundation, Legislative, MBSC and YPN. Please reserve that day on your calendar for your committee to meet virtually after this session.


This program welcomes participants of member credit unions of the

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