2020 Marketing & Business Development Virtual Workshop


Published: Jul 28, 2020

Event date: 9/9/2020 9:00 AM - 9/10/2020 12:00 PM Export event

The way we market our credit unions, promote new products, communicate with our SEGs, reach new members, and engage with the community has changed drastically. What has not changed is the need to grow membership and revenue to become recession proof. Our presenters will help you to refocus and reframe your strategies to not only keep up, but to thrive!

9:00 am to 12:00 pm CST

In this session, Eric Isham and the team from OMNICOMMANDER will discuss items that align with the most requested topics from our member survey including

  • Cost effective ways to reach new members
  • Impactful advertising for sales leads through online media and drip email campaigns
  • Creating quality outbound video content (ads & full length education content)
  • Making long-lasting positive impressions on new and existing members
  • Obtaining staff buy in on marketing and business development campaigns

9:00 am to 12:00 pm CST

In this session, Julie Ferguson will take participants on a deeper dive into transformational strategies for virtual business development. Additionally, Julie will be joined by HR expert Chary Krout to enlighten attendees on best ways to build the HR relationship among your SEGs. Session topics include:

  • Understanding the new virtual Business Development and sales world
  • Connecting/Re-Connecting with our SEGs
  • Creating new community development concepts
  • Maintaining & building new SEG HR relationships in times of HR turnover and challenges.

Julie Ferguson recently led a free one hour session for LCUL on Business Development in a Virtual World. That session lays the foundation for where this program will pick up. If you missed it or want to see it again in preparation for this workshop, click here.

$170 per connection for both sessions or choose either individual session for $95 per connection.

Registration is open to all. Any course materials provided by the presenters will be shared via email. Each participant should register for their own connection since presenters may utilize breakouts, polling and individual engagement elements.

Registration is now closed. If you would like register, please email education@lcul.com

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