Ulend Academy

Baton Rouge

Published: Jan 27, 2020

ULEND Academy is a lending game changer. No more wasted hours in classes with great ideas that are hard to implement in real life! ULEND Academy is an intimate, capacity controlled 2 day hands-on, customized experience that propels lenders from transactional to consultative, meeting members' full financial needs. The curriculum utilizes a “learn, discuss, apply” approach that guides lenders from foundational to advanced skill levels in all lending channels and across all stages of the loan process - origination, underwriting, and closing - with cross-selling, consultation, and compliance woven throughout.

Get ready to empower your lenders to create and keep loyal members through an exceptional member experience!

Social Savvy

  • Recognize & identify personal styles for comfortable member interaction
  • Deliver targeted communications for appropriate context


  • Recognize opportunities for smart risks
  • Utilize the 5 C’s of credit when analyzing the loan application
  • Formulate alternatives that impact the loan decisions

Plan & Prep

  • Utilize the information from your core system
  • Identify what to look for to analyze the needs of your member
  • Prepare when there is no time to plan

Present the Right Solution

  • Build personalized packages for your member’s needs & life stages
  • Find ways to say yes to the member


  • Uncover member needs with targeted questioning strategies
  • Identify the life stages & goals of your members
  • Review the credit report & positively influence the member’s score

Close with Purpose

  • Personalize the experience to the unique needs of the member
  • Make appropriate referrals and set expectations for future opportunities

Structure the Loan

  • Calculate & effectively use basic ratios that apply in lending
  • Identify the 5 C’s of credit that translate to risk
  • Use compensating factors to build an approved loan for all members

Hands-on Application

  • Apply the skills immediately during hands on learning
  • Receive immediate feedback from real-time coaching* (see opportunity below)
  • Discuss how member experience applies across the various lending channels

Every lender (whether new or seasoned veterans) underwriters and department leaders! ULEND Academy is a unique lending experience aimed at helping all lenders, from all levels and various experiences get better at what they do every day.

$599 per attendee for this day and a half program*

*For those applying for a grant, the value of the food and beverage and course materials is $60 and cannot be deducted from the registration fee.(Note: SBET grants are currently only being approved for events held inside Louisiana)

At ULend Academy, table coaches play a key role in the overall success of the workshop. Table coaches are program participants that play an extra role for which we provide a 50% discount on your registration fee in appreciation of the assistance.

Requirements: Lending/Underwriting experience; General knowledge of lending policies; Experience with coaching to performance; Ability to perform multiple roles within the workshop, Attendance from start to finish.

Responsibilities: Score team activities accurately and objectively; Provide feedback and motivate learners to remain engaged; Identify opportunities for improvement.

Preparation: Watch table coach Brainshark video; Review tools and resources; View Table Coach Webinar – all provided in advance of workshop.

Email Jody Brooks if you are interested in being a table coach.

Louisiana USA FCU Training Facility
10289 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70816


Can’t make the dates in Louisiana? You’ll have an opportunity to attend an encore presentation of this program in Jackson, MS on September 22–23. Registration for this program will open in May.