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LCUL is pleased to announce a great discounted offer for member credit unions. If you are a lender, analyst, underwriter, or team leader and if your members are small- to mid-size businesses, farmers, or individuals with complex situations and multiple interrelated tax returns, this resource is for you.  Learners gain valuable knowledge in order to:

  • Improve both competence and confidence in analyzing tax returns and/or financial statements
  • Obtain the required documents, statements and returns
  • Determine qualifying income to cover debt service and/or payments to owners
  • Spot red flags and ask good questions
  • Write more clear documentation so people understand your thinking
  • Recognize additional loan opportunities and pursue them
The training is designed using proven principles of adult learning, and is taught by Linda Keith, CPA, a frequent contributor at CUNA conferences. 

If you are interested in learning more about Linda's training, visit the Lenders Online Training website for more information.