CSE Federal Credit Union Directly Supports Southeast Louisiana Neighbors

Published: Oct 7, 2021

In September 2021, CSE Federal Credit Union (CSE) held a disaster supply drive in support of employees of Louisiana Federal Credit Union (LFCU) who were severely impacted by Hurricane Ida. The drive took place at all CSE branches. 

 Without hesitation, CSE joined in on the rescue to help its Southeast Louisiana (SELA) neighbors in LaPlace, LA due to the natural disaster. CSE is all about family helping family, neighbors helping neighbors, and people helping people.

The CSE SELA Supply Drive included drop off points for donations of disaster and emergency supplies. CSE management and staff helped hand deliver a trailer full of supplies, including water, batteries, paper goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, baby wipes and more to the LFCU training center in LaPlace, LA.

Colleen Desselle, CSE Director of Marketing & Business Development, stated, “When CSE decided to create a Marketing/Business Development area, I came to know Mia Perez, Chief Operations Officer of Louisiana Federal Credit Union. She mentored me on the right path to a successful department. When she tells me ’It’s bad,’ especially after living through hurricane Katrina, you know it is. The employees of Louisiana Federal Credit Union were extremely appreciative of the supplies we brought.”

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