Southwest Louisiana CU Donates to Foundation on Anniversary of Hurricane Laura

Published: Sep 1, 2021

There’s strong symbolism in the amount of the donation—$20,827—that Southwest Louisiana Credit Union sent to the National Credit Union Foundation, August 27.

One year ago—8/27—Hurricane Laura struck and devastated southwest Louisiana. The credit union’s employees, like everyone in the area, suffered damage to their homes and disruption to their lives.

The purpose of the National Credit Union Foundation’s disaster relief fund is to help credit union employees rebuild their lives after natural disasters strike.

“We’re giving back to the National Credit Union Foundation out of gratitude for the help they provided to our employees, and out of the spirit of mutual support among credit unions,” said Chad Miller, president and CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union. “It is our hope that our donation will help other credit union employees throughout the nation should disaster strike.”

It’s the “people helping people” philosophy in action.

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