Pelican State CU Merges with Firestone Lake Charles FCU

Published: Jul 20, 2021

On June 1, 2021, Pelican State Credit Union ($570.3 million in assets) officially merged with Firestone Lake Charles Federal Credit Union ($12.5 million in assets), welcoming 1,358 members to its financial family.

The merger added a new Pelican branch to its array of locations dispersed throughout Louisiana. The branch is now one of two Pelican branches in Calcasieu Parish and is located at 150 South Cities Service Highway in Sulphur.


Pelican will continue to directly serve and provide membership to the employees of the 22 businesses that were partnered with Firestone in the Sulphur area, including Team Industrial, Firestone Polymers, Sulphur Parks and Recreation, Turner Industries, and Versa Integrity Group.

The credit union continues to invest in the community along with the Sulphur branch, adding a new ATM, opening additional job positions, and getting involved in local events to ensure the mission of Firestone lives on.

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