Heart of Louisiana CU Donates Over $4,500 to Local Food Bank

Published: Feb 26, 2020

Heart of Louisiana Credit Union donated $4,783.50 to the Food Bank of Central Louisiana, providing enough funds to serve 23,915 meals to families in Central Louisiana.

"We are so thankful for the support from the employees and board members of Heart of Louisiana Credit Union," Linda Hutson, Food Bank of Central Louisiana's director of development and community relations, said.

Each year Heart of Louisiana employees work in small groups to complete various activities and assignments. In 2018, Heart of Louisiana's chief executive officer Cindy Beauregard tasked the small groups with researching local organizations to support in the coming year.

Employees researched The Food Bank of Central Louisiana and discovered just how much of an impact the non-profit has in their community. Their research, along with data from other employees, was delivered to the credit union's board of directors who approved the Food Bank of Central Louisiana as the cause to champion in 2019.

Throughout the year, the credit union's staff engaged in fundraisers and activities to raise money for the organization. For example, through their "Spread the Love" campaign, the credit union was able to donate over 4,000 ounces of peanut butter to the Food Bank.