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Southeast CUNA Management School

About the Program

Since 1971, the Southeast CUNA Management School has equipped graduates with the skills and knowledge to meet the leadership challenges that arise in the credit union industry.

The mission of the School is to provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities so that they can contribute to the success of their credit unions. SRCUS is committed to creating the best student experience possible through the use of a well-rounded curriculum and experiential opportunities for professional and personal growth. Students leave the school with meaningful, long-lasting relationships with classmates that strengthen the cooperative nature of the credit union movement.

The school utilizes faculty from the University’s Terry College of Business and experts from the credit union industry. The curriculum is designed to be delivered over a three year period with students in residence for course work each summer for eight days. In between the summers, students apply the knowledge gained from the School to projects that require strategic analysis of their credit unions and research of relevant issues facing the credit union industry.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The Louisiana Credit Union League annually awards partial scholarships to the School. The SRCUS Scholarship, awarded on the basis of future potential, involvement in the credit union movement, and other criteria, exists to encourage credit union personnel to become more informed, competent employees through attendance at the School. Scholarship proceeds are used towards tuition for the current year. Recipients must reapply each year. Funding for this scholarship program is provided by the Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools and the Louisiana Credit Union League.

The scholarships are open to all professionals from LCUL-affiliated credit unions. Applicants applying for the scholarships are required to provide the following:

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Jody Brooks, Director of Education, at (800) 452-7221, ext. 3010. 

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