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Sample Account Cards

Have you ever audited new accounts and found that the MSR completed the account card incorrectly? Have you ever wondered if there was a resource to help you complete account cards for different account types?

Click here to view GetTechnical's Account Card Resource Guide.  

*This is the most up to date guide from GetTechnical. 

Get Technical Financial Education Reference Guides and Toolkits

The following manuals are available in PDF format for $199.00 each 

  • Teller Handbook
  • Louisiana Share Accounts Manual
  • IRA Handbook
  • Health Savings Accounts Handbook
  • Deposit Compliance Issues
  • SAR Handbook
  • The CTR Handbook

GetTechnical also offers a BSA Officer's Toolkit for $499.00 

Click here for more information on the manuals and to order! 

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