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Media Inquiries

The Louisiana Credit Union League is pleased to serve as a valuable resource for media on issues relating to credit unions as well as other financial matters and topics that may arise in Louisiana. For immediate media needs, to schedule an interview, or find a credit union spokesperson who can speak on a specific topic, please contact Lacey H. Weaver, Vice President of Communications & Public Relations, at (800) 452-7221, ext. 3100.

Click here for the latest Louisiana Credit Union Member Report. For more information on the credit union, please visit aSmarterChoice.org.

Louisiana State Credit Union Statistics

Number of Louisiana credit unions: 197

Number of Louisiana credit union members: $1.23 million

Total assets in Louisiana credit unions: $10.2 billion

Total savings in Louisiana credit unions: $8.9 billion

Total loans outstanding in Louisiana credit unions: $6.7 billion

The Credit Union National Association estimated that Louisiana credit unions provided more than $108,513,922 in financial benefits to the states 1,233,882 members during the past 12 months.

U.S. Credit Union Statistics

Number of US credit unions: 6,213

Number of US credit union members: 103.4 million

Total assets in US credit unions: $1.1 trillion

Total savings in US credit unions: $963 billion

Total loans outstanding in US credit unions: $781 billion

Statistics supplied by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

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