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Marketing & Business Development Peer Group

Stop, COLLABORATE, and listen: the Marketing & Business Development Peer Group is ready to kick it up a notch. We know that keeping pace with the changing framework of credit union marketing continues to be challenging. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is simple: we want to provide a space where professionals can grow by learning from one another in a collaborative environment, providing relevant resources and opportunities to spark creativity. Best part: you have the opportunity build relationships with individuals that face the same workday challenges. By pulling together what we have learned and experienced as individuals, we can evoke change and propel the credit union movement in Louisiana together.


We look forward to creating a fun and collaborative environment for Louisiana CU professionals to share, learn & grow. We’ll have a number of resources posted on this page starting in 2017. We hope you come along for the ride by becoming a peer group member today!

League Liaison: Lacey H. Weaver

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