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HR Planning Resources for Credit Unions

Through a strategic alliance with the Louisiana Credit Union League, the Kullman Firm, a trusted resource in labor and employment law since 1946, provides human resources consulting for credit unions. Exclusively representing management in matters of labor and employment law, the Kullman Firm has extensive experience in human resources planning and personnel management, providing guidance for effective and cooperative employee performance. Fee is based on number of credit union employees. Services include developing procedures, policies and rules dealing with employee conduct, communication systems, complaint handling, benefits plans and other employee relations policies. For more information please contact Rachel E. Linzy, Attorney at Law, at (504) 524-4162. You may also visit www.kullmanlaw.com

Strategic Planning

Louisiana Credit Union League-facilitated planning sessions are designed to help your credit union thrive by identifying and achieving your critical success path. The end product of the session is a professionally designed Strategic Business Plan for your credit union.


  • Provides in-depth analysis of your business strategy
  • No fee for affiliated credit unions
  • Saves time in the planning process
  • Enhances your credit union's Strategic Business Plan
  • Flexibility in your choice of place and time
  • Minimal time investment for participants


  • 4 to 6 weeks lead time recommended for scheduling your session
  • Participants complete a preplanning questionnaire
  • Materials for the session furnished by LCUL
  • For optimum results minimum of 75% of board and management participation is recommended 

Contact consultants@lcul.com

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