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Credit Union Industry Links

Consumer Federation of America
CFA is an advocacy organization, working to advance pro-consumer policy on a variety of issues before Congress, the White House, federal and state regulatory agencies, and the courts. Their staff works with public officials to promote beneficial policies, to oppose harmful policies, and to ensure a balanced debate on important issues in which consumers have a stake. 

Credit Union Service Centers
Service Centers are a national financial delivery channel credit unions use to provide members access to their accounts at convenient locations and extended hours. Shared facilities allow members to conduct real-time transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers and loan payments. 

Credit Union National Association
CUNA is the national trade association serving America's credit unions. In partnership with the Louisiana Credit Union League, CUNA provides many services to credit unions, including representation, information, public relations, continuing professional education, and business development. CUNA also works with related organizations to provide products and services to credit unions. 

CUNA Mutual Group
In partnership with the Louisiana Credit Union League, CUNA Mutual is the leading financial services provider to credit unions and their members worldwide. They offer more than 300 insurance, investment and technological solutions through strategic relationships and multiple service channels. 

CUNA Strategic Alliances, Inc
CUNA and the Louisiana League have carefully chosen suppliers, to save you money and time by providing the products, services and technology your credit union needs to compete effectively in the modern financial marketplace. We increase your value by negotiating volume pricing, combining the buying power of America's credit unions to deliver discounts.

The Filene Research Institute
The Institute examines vital issues affecting the future of credit unions and consumer finance. Through this unique, non-profit organization, leading scholars and consultants analyze managerial problems, public policy questions, and consumer needs.

National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors
NASCUS enhances state credit union supervision and provides a sound state credit union system. They serve the interests of both state-chartered credit unions and the regulators who supervise them, as well as continuously promote the dual chartering system.

National Cooperative Business Association
The NCBA is a national cross-industry membership and trade association representing cooperatives. They represent cooperatives before Congress and the federal agencies and promotes and supports cooperatives in the United States and overseas through training and technical assistance publications and programs.

National Credit Union Foundation
The Foundation is widely recognized as the charitable arm of the credit union movement, having both the knowledge and resources necessary to undertake national programming, serve as the financial intermediary between credit unions and governmental agencies, and fund innovative initiatives in support of consumer savings and asset accumulation.

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
Helping low- and moderate-income people and communities achieve financial independence through credit unions.

National Credit Union Administration
NCUA is the independent federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. NCUA, with the backing of the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, operates the share insurance fund, insuring the savings in all federal credit unions and many state-chartered credit unions.

World Council of Credit Unions
As a worldwide representative organization, WOCCU is the world's leading advocate, platform for innovation and development agency for credit unions. Members of WOCCU include regional and national credit union associations, cooperative associations, and business service organizations.

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