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Compliance Peer Group

We know you are reading over some regulation nonsense and doing one of two things: slowly falling asleep because of all the excitement or pulling your hair out of your head trying to understand what all of it really means.

Well, you are not alone. By becoming a member of the Compliance Peer Group, you become part of LCUL’s CU Wolfpack, a group that stands tall and takes on the world of compliance together. And we will do so with a little more fun then the rest of the compliance community (well, we’re going to try really hard). You’ll be able to access everything on one page: compliance resources, listservs, and articles.

We hope this peer group promotes all of LCUL resources while giving our members another means of networking with their peers in a laid back environment.

Become a member of our CU Wolfpack and register today!

Advisory Committee Members

Jonathan Arnold, Baton Rouge Telco FCU
Training & Compliance Officer
Lindsay Risinger, Barton Plant Employees FCU
Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Cartwright, Pelican State CU
Compliance Officer
Jose Montero, Lafayette Schools FCU
Accounting Manager
Melanie Riedl, University of Louisiana FCU
Vice President, Development & Strategic Initiatives

League Liaison: Danielle Thibodeaux

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