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LCUL's 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention


Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions. That's what makes us Superheroes. 

Like Spiderman once said, ""With great power, comes great responsibility". As a movement, you understand that.  You defend the defenseless, fighting the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way, standing as a symbol of hope for ordinary citizens. While you possess extraordinary powers, credit unions aren't necessarily invincible- your victories are hard fought through guile and effort. 

Every good Superhero needs a sidekick and your "Justice League" is ready to suit up.  When we stand united, we can defeat any Legion of Doom that tries to stop us.  
It's time we unveil our secret identity at the Louisiana Credit Union League's 2018 Annual Meeting & Convention, August 1 - 4 in New Orleans. Join us as we leverage our individual superpowers and become one unbeatable force.  

You know what LCUL's convention is all about: making the environment fun for networking and learning. On Wednesday August 1st you can start your morning by conquering the always elusive hole-in-one at our Golf Tournament and end your night knocking out some pins at the world famous Rock n' Bowl. This fundraising event includes networking, bowling, food, music (and an open bar). Not a bowler? Not a problem. Come join the fun as you cheer on your peers while supporting the Louisiana CU Foundation.
Last year, we made some agenda changes that received raved reviews. Because of your feedback, we're bringing back roundtable discussions and 30-minute hot topic discussions along with unique speakers and powerful breakouts.  As always, be prepared for our Friday Night Social Event as we encourage your inner superhero to come out in full costume.

New: a special Q & A discussion with LCUL's newest cape crusader, Bob Gallman. Join us as Bob answers YOUR questions live from the stage. 

Registration Now Open!

No need to send up the Bat signal for help, registering is as simple as a click.  We know superheros never sleep, but in case you want a place to hang your cape, you can make hotel accommodations by clicking here.

Additional information on speakers, education sessions, and other events will be posted soon. Questions? Contact the League's convention team today!

Important Dates to Remember

June 15: Marketing Awards Deadline
July 4: Discounted Room Rate Deadline
July 6: Hall of Fame, Memorials Deadline
July 13: Early Bird Registration Deadline 

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