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Prepare Before Disaster Strikes 

The Louisiana Credit Union League has put together important information to help you in the event of a natural disaster. It is important to remember that credit unions face a wide variety of natural disasters such as floods, fires, and tornados that could disrupt operations at any given moment and have potentially devastating consequences. In the event of a disaster, the Louisiana Credit Union League will be there to assist you in the recovery process. We will continue to update our website as well as our social media platforms for the latest updates. 

CU Resources:

Re-entry Credentialing:

Federal Program
FBI Infragard

State Programs

Parish Programs
Emergency Preparedness Re-entry Credentialing Requirements by Parish

Regulatory/Banking Agencies:


Office of Financial Institutions

Federal Reserve Bank
Use the below link to use the Federal Reserve Bank’s "Find Your Contacts" application to create a directory; c
ustomized to your ABA or find contact information by service area below.

Resources for Members:

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