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Event Name:Coaching Yourself & Others with Honey Shelton - Gulfport
Date:December 6, 2017
Start Time:8:30 AM
Duration:1 day

Coaching Yourself & Others with Honey Shelton - Gulfport

At this year’s LCUL Annual Meeting & Convention, our closing keynote speaker Honey Shelton opened our eyes to the need to become Coaches not only for ourselves but for those around us, based on her workplace motivation model called Coaching Choices.


If you missed that session or wish to dive deeper into Honey’s message, we encourage you to join us and the Mississippi Credit Union Association in Gulfport for a full one day program on December 6th.

Here’s what you can expect from this program:

Early in life, we learn pattern and practices that help us to try to control or manipulate others to get what we wants or don’t want. In the work environment, supervisors must contend with the symptoms and effects of employee choices and motivation, (or the lack of) virtually every day.

A supervisor that learns to embrace and practice Coaching Choices© will elevate their own personal effectiveness and satisfaction while teaching others to do the same. The lessons learned are applicable in all of life’s important relationships, not just the work environment.

How can you make better choices regarding how you act and interact with those you want to maintain a successful relationship with?

Understanding fundamental human needs and how they relate to work motivation and job satisfaction is critical to establishing an environment that creates opportunities for motivation.

It is also important to understand our role, especially when we are in charge, in the motivational process. We cannot motivate another person directly; motivation is an internal thing it comes from within. Regardless of where it comes from, leaders are expected to lead the team to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Regardless of your role in the credit union, this session is jam packed with numerous take-aways applicable in all aspects of life!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to teach yourself and your staff how to self-evaluate and self-correct.

Learning these skill sets are the stepping stone to becoming self-managed.

Educational Investment

Your educational investment is $195 per attendee.

For the purposes of those applying for a grant, the cost of the food and beverage at this program is valued at $35.


Please contact Tom McWilliams of MSCUA at 601-981-4552, ext 310 if you need a hotel room.

*note – LCUL is co-hosting this event and you are being directed to MSCUA’s website to complete the online registration.

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