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Event Name:Dues Supported Webinar: Improving ROA through a Sustainable Business Model
Date:June 28, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Dues Supported Webinar

Improving ROA through a Sustainable Business Model

Learn what it takes to sustainale improve earnings from a veteran "turn-around" CEO. She will share her trade secrets to improving ROA while growing capital and assets. Unlike the regulators, she won't just tell you to "cut expenses". 

About Our Presenter

Raelynn Radway, Sr. Strategist at CU Strategic Planning. 

Raelynn Radway was one of CU Strategic Planning's first clients, as the CEO of MAC Federal Credit Union. In 2007, she was hired as a "turn-around CEO" to restore the credit union to profitability. By 2010 she was winning CDFI awards. The rest is history!
Raelynn's ROA improvement work produces results which give struggling credit unions hope. In 2007 MAC's ROA was 0.00%. Within one year, it exceeded 1% and stayed there. When she left MAC to join CU Strategic Planning, she left it with a ROA of 1.34%. Likewise, MAC's annual net worth growth skyrocketed from year-end 2007's 0.03% growth to 9.10% in 2015. 
It's not just her 30 years of experience that turned a failing credit union into a thriving, successful, mission-driven CDFI making a real difference in the lives of its members- it's Raelynn's strategic product development skills and ability to create partnerships that drive pipelines of loans and mitigate risk.
The subprime auto lending program she developed for MAC and an "Account for Everyone" are national best practices. MAC is consistently listed on Bankrate's esteemed list of best accounts.


The webinar is dues supported. 


The webinar will held on June 28th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. 


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