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Event Details

Event Name:Branch Manager Workshop
Date:June 7, 2017 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location:Bossier City, LA

Branch Manager Workshop

Branches are the hub of the Credit Union, and branch managers are the hub of the branch. Come learn how to excel at your leadership and management role. We will discuss how to build a team that works together for common goals. Hear how to coach and motivate your team to be committed to success.  Don’t miss this action and solution focused workshop and learn the secrets to be become a excellent Branch Manager.

Workshop begins at 9:00 am and will conclude by 4:00 pm.

What can I except to learn? 

  • Learn techniques to effectively coach – say goodbye to “shoulda, woulda, coulda” coaching. 
  • Practice real life coaching moments in a safe environment. 
  • Explore different approaches to coach for opportunities. 
  • Motivate your team; learn the value of intrinsic motivation. 
  • Discover the difference between difficult conversations to conversations that uncover and solve difficulties. 
  • Uncover the keys to wow service. 
  • Develop your leadership skills that make a difference. 
  • Prevent resistance with a simple training technique.
  • Unlock the mystery of the underperformer – what to do before you make the “I assumed error!”
  • Master the keys to time management for yourself and your team. 
  • Challenge yourself to be an exceptional branch manager. 
  • Confront challenges before they become real problems. Ignore this at your own peril. 
  • Reveal the Pygmalion effect – is it standing between you and your success?
  • Identify coaching moments that make a difference. 
  • How to leave a legacy – Don’t miss this powerful idea of leadership.

About the Presenter:

Rory Rowland brings a wealth of knowledge he has been the CEO of 2 Credit Unions, and coached managers for the last 30 years. Nationally recognized as an outstanding speaker, over 250 thousand managers and leaders have participated Rory’s high energy, fun and humorous programs. Rory has spoken in every state of the union as well as Canada and Mexico. When Rory joined us last September for “Selling from Credit Reports”, your Louisiana peers had this to say:

  • My favorite presenter I’ve ever attended so far!  He keeps it interesting & entertaining and is so easy to understand.
  • Rory is very energetic about finding solutions
  • Rory kept my attention throughout the workshop with his instruction techniques.  Great Presenter!


Hilton Garden Inn
2015 Old Minden Rd
Bossier City, LA 71111

Educational Investment

Registration fee of $250 per person includes cost of all food and beverage provided valued at $40*

*Please note, due to food and beverage minimums, LCUL cannot deduct the cost from the registration fee. The value of the food and beverage is provided for those credit unions applying for grants.

Due to capacity constraints, registration is currently closed for this program. Please contact education@lcul.com for waitlist information. We will clear as many from waitlisted status as possible. 

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