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Section 705 FCU Donated $3,100 in College Scholarships


Section 705 FCU is always looking for ways to encourage members to pursue their education. One of the biggest ways this is accomplished is through two scholarship drawings annually.

The 705 crew is happy to congratulate Alex Domingue, winner of the $1,250 scholarship, and Desanay Joseph, the winner of the $750 scholarship. The following students were Scholarship Finalists: Zachary Angelle, Ian Bourgeois, Blair Estilette, Tayler Gary, Courtney Granger, Lauren Hebert, Ian Naquin, Max Perret, Molly Rinaudo, Ann-Marie Stelly, and Ann-Marie Stutes.

In addition to the scholarships awarded, each Scholarship Finalist received $100 to help with school costs.

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