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Louisiana CUs Work Better Together: More than $25,000 Given Back to Local Businesses During CU Lunch Local!


$100,000 Given Back to Local Businesses Since 2013! 

Congratulations and a huge thank you to ALL Louisiana credit unions that participated in our 2017 CU Lunch Local. While totals are still being submitted, we can report that an overwhelming $25,000 was contributed back to local businesses through this effort. 

Since LCUL launched CU Lunch Local in 2013, Louisiana credit unions have given back more than $100,000 to local businesses. 

"Showing up at local establishments and supporting their efforts on behalf of the movement may seem like something small, but it leaves a huge impact. It's not what you spend; it's the fact that we are supporting the communities we serve. To them, that's priceless," commented Lacey H. Weaver, Vice President of Communication and Public Relations. 

Again, we thank ALL of the credit unions who participated this year to make it such a huge success. Together, we're truly better when we work together.

Check out the highlights:

Lunch Local 2017

Lunch Local 2017 Highlights
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