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To sign-up for LCUL's preferred pricing, visit LCUL's member page for details. 

LCUL is pleased to announce a great discounted offer for member credit unions. If you are a lender, analyst, underwriter, or team leader and if your members are small- to mid-size businesses, farmers, or individuals with complex situations and multiple interrelated tax returns, this resource is for you.  Learners gain valuable knowledge in order to:

  • Improve both competence and confidence in analyzing tax returns and/or financial statements
  • Obtain the required documents, statements and returns
  • Determine qualifying income to cover debt service and/or payments to owners
  • Spot red flags and ask good questions
  • Write more clear documentation so people understand your thinking
  • Recognize additional loan opportunities and pursue them

The training is designed using proven principles of adult learning, and is taught by Linda Keith, CPA, a frequent contributor at CUNA conferences. 

"A credit union contacted the league asking for staff training on tax returns, and I immediately remembered Linda's breakout session from CUNA's Lending Council Conference several years back.  It struck me at that time that Linda was able to make a dense topic both fun and easily understandable, which is not an easy task.  I was pleased to discover that Linda's training is now available remotely and at a discounted rate for LCUL members", states Cami Crouchet, LCUL's Chief Strategy Officer. 

If you are interested in learning more about Linda's training, visit the Lenders Online Training website for more information.

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