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Callahan’s CU Analyzer

The Louisiana CU League has partnered with Callahan and Associates to provide member credit unions a FREE a web-based financial analysis tool called CUAnalyzer. Designed specifically to make data analysis educational for all levels of your organization, CUAnalyzer will help your volunteers and employees better understand your credit union's financial performance while improving their financial knowledge, making yearlong learning and analysis possible for everyone at your credit union.

To register for CUAnalyzer, visit https://register.creditunions.com/#/register

Quick Steps to Help You Get Started:

1. Log in to CUAnalyzer

2. Set up a peer group. This PDF will help you.

3. Create a custom packet.

Callahan & Associates and the Louisiana Credit Union League are hosted a CUAnalyzer training. During the training, we walk through the features and benefits of CUAnalyzer and how Louisiana credit unions can benchmark their credit union versus other credit unions in Louisiana or across the country. Click here to access the archived training.          

For more information or for help with using the program, please contact Susie Fair, LCUL Senior Vice President.

CUAnalyzer is open to all employees and volunteers at affiliated credit unions. Unlike other financial analysis tools that presume a high degree of financial literacy, CUAnalyzer's charts and graphs combined with its 5-star performance rating system, analytical text, and ratio definitions put performance in context.

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