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Resources for Recovery: After a Disaster Hits

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Handling Loan Extension Request After a Disaster - Questions Answered

Sample Language to Educate Your Members about Insurance Proceeds 

Credit unions might consider posting the following information on their websites and in their branch locations to help prepare members for restrictions involving insurance checks.

Notice to Members Regarding Insurance Proceeds

In cases where ABC Credit Union has a secured interest in the property, insurance checks may be made payable jointly to you and to ABC Credit Union.  We may not make the proceeds immediately available.  You should contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx for instructions on how to endorse the check, and to find out about any holds that may be placed on the proceeds.  

NCUA’s Guidance on Post-Disaster Issues

Financial Assistance for Low-Income Credit Unions

NCUA’s Urgent Needs Initiative provides financial assistance for low-income credit unions that experience an unexpected emergency or natural disaster that disrupts services to members. The Urgent Needs Initiative, administered by the Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives, allows low-income credit unions to apply for up to $7,500 each to restore services to members, replace damaged equipment, or make repairs not covered by insurance.

OSCUI also administers a Loan Program to assist low-income credit unions with providing basic financial services to their members to stimulate economic activities in their communities. These loans help improve and expand the availability of financial services to members and also can help low-income credit unions respond to emergencies.

Consumer Resources

Helpful Links

United Policyholders:  Invaluable Links to Insurance Recovery Information

United Policyholders (UP) has provided LCUL credit unions access to their resources for victims of the Great Flood. UP is a non-profit organization that serves as a voice and an information resource for insurance consumers in all 50 States.

United Policyholders' Great Flood 2016 Blog Page This blog is updated regularly and provides links to important recovery resources, including:

Resources from CU Service Providers - August 2016 Flood

North American Buildings, Inc – temporary facilities provider

Contact: Phil Yearout

Email: phil@nabsinc.com
Phone:(888) 800-8866


Safe Deposit Specialist 

Safe Deposit “Flooded Vault” Disaster Recovery Manual (on CD) for Purchase: $249.00
It is available on my web site at www.sdspec.com and an electronic version can also be sent immediately (if necessary) to your members effected by the recent Louisiana floods. 

*LCUL does not endorse all of the providers listed.  We are simply passing along any resources that are sent to us on your behalf. 



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